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Tuesday, May 14 | Washington, D.C.


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As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we were proud to sponsor World Tour DC. We hope you took a moment to meet our experts and view the demo of our CGI Collections for Government solution powered by Salesforce.


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Video: Helping clients change, adapt and innovate

Change is constant, and it’s happening faster than ever. All organizations are under pressure to change, adapt and innovate—quickly and agilely. In this video, learn how CGI is helping them to do just that. View highlights of our collaboration with clients across industries to deliver emerging technologies and invent the future together.

Brochure: CGI Collections for Government powered by Salesforce

CGI Collections for Government combines the power of the Salesforce platform with CGI’s 30+ years of deep domain expertise and proven best practices to deliver a collections solution for state and local government with faster time to value and an intrinsic focus on customer experience.

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Brochure: Transforming Customer Engagement with Salesforce

CGI helps organizations transform their application development capabilities to use cloud-native solutions to deliver new products and services at pace and scale.

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Brochure: CGI Bolt for Manufacturing

Connected assets are revolutionizing service expectations in manufacturing. We built a Bolt solution on Salesforce to transform engagement for manufacturers.